Working week challenge. Part II

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How it went with us?

The proof is well organized party - is satisfied guests, is not it? I now easily say that Carson Systems is working four days a week, but what actually happens to us every week?

This is harder than we hadaly

First, we found for you is that work on Fridays - awfully tempted. We love his work, moreover, we always have a heap of problems that need solving. Do not have extra day to give advice to all the outstanding tasks - at first it is rather nervy experience.

The first two weeks we just dopratsovuvaly on Friday, and sometimes on Sunday. Um-m ... obviously, we should have to seriously consider the introduction of this four-day schedule.

Third week and all subsequent - and I am happy to say it - we honestly spent exactly four days. Ploy was to change our perception of internal working week.
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Working week challenge. Part I

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Чотириденний робочий тиждень

The more you work, the more able, is not it?
Um-m, I want to inspire you to take «quartan challenge».


If you are an ordinary person, you always have a lot of work and not enough time to do it. E-mail to all full time, and list-need-to-do never ends. You always live with prytlumlenym feeling guilty for not giving enough time that it needs. And that upset even worse - the more you work, the more it seems to do. ET!

So how we overcome this madness?
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