How to quit work and start to live

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How it all begin?

Once you prokydayetes and understand that your life was meaningless. The work takes you to nine hours a day (lunch time, I did not ready to take personal time). Another eight hours go to sleep (with me there, and ten and twelve - in the particularly difficult periods of life). Still another seven hours, of which about three hours I spent on the road (half there and half ago). The time that remains (about an hour four), went on morning and evening toilet, and on leaving, conventionally speaking, «time before television». Certainly, this time you can spend on anything, for example, often I katavsya bicycle or read books. But when the three hours up the right, all my energy is sucked previous nine held in the office. So feel vegetables. Brain is not working. The same pitiful remnants of enthusiasm, which remain in the bottom of the brain after the working day, eat train, subway, road congestion, shops and the same as I am tired people around. These balances are for nothing ready.

A big part of your life you spend to solve foreign problems. Right words, you - the hammer, which can qualitatively spike. You hammer, capable of learning: you read books, go to seminars, you care about how to become the best in his profession, well, or at least how not to be the same shit as the majority. You never did anything for himself, all the tasks you set manual or customer. If vdumatysya, you can not come up that would make this the most. Your brain is during school and trained at the Institute of solving your problems. In those rare moments, when you fall a chance to show initiative, you do not know how. Just cool hammer that nails one score. Eight hours a day. And so goes the whole life, except for the preparatory period (childhood) and the period when the hammer starts awry spike (old age). And people do not need. Its content, no interest. Thoughts, feelings and aspirations. Everything that you have - a summary and a list of former bosses. They look future bosses, taking you to work. Even colleagues with whom you may have good relations (until you spend nine hours in total each day), they forget you for a month after your release. You think you have a good team? This is until you work for one command. Not fact, but you can become enemies, simply changing the place of work. Read the rest of entry »

50 ways to resolve the case faster, better and easier

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Toolbox All we want to cope with their problems, whether they relate to cases that we have to do to be able to deal with things that we love to do, or also with those who just suholosni purpose of our lives. To help you, I gathered 50 ideas, tips, Tricks and tips to help you work better.

  1. The most important task: at the beginning of the day (or evening prior) splanuyte three or four most important things you should do each day. Make them first. Even if you do not do anything different, your day will still be productive.
  2. Chunk: big projects, which you are working with. Daily or weekly highlight time on promoting large-scale problems.
  3. Empty «Incoming»: Decide what to do with the letters just read them. If something should do, do it there or enter the list of tasks and close the letter. If the message is important for information, save it. Sporozhnyayte «Incoming» daily.
  4. Wake up early to: increase the length of day, thanks to early rising - work when no one and not think encroach on your time.
  5. Came - went: avoid obstruction using habit «replacement». Just bought something new, throw out old or yield. For example, buying a shirt, get rid of old. Variation: one came - two are gone. Is useful when the number of extra things prevent you live.
  6. Brainstorm: The process of spontaneous generation of ideas without the right to change or their rejection. Many people use for this special «map consciousness»: a trailer on the middle of a large sheet of paper the problem of character you want to decide to start writing about everything that comes to mind you. Developed each of the ideas produmuyuchy details. Not zamyslyuytes whether it good or bad - you do not have to implement each of them, just vyvilnit them from consciousness. For a while you begin to really surprise your special fabrication.
  7. Widespread notuvannya: always keep a few papers and a pen, amiss as electronic notebook, PDA or mobile. Keep each opinion is not worth forgetting. Let it be a business idea you want to make the thought of the meeting, which should appoint, or reminder of something that should buy the next visit the supermarket. Periodically review your records and transfer them to the appropriate place: the list of cases, the blog etc..
  8. Vysypaytesya: the dream - the good health, quality of teaching and pure consciousness. Sleep at least eight hours (or use the system Steve Pavliny). Realize the dream as a pleasure, as something that you do with love for yourself, not think about it as everyday as a necessity or a luxury.
  9. 10 +2 * 5 External link : Ten short-term work, making between them dvohvylynni break. Use a timer. Five such sessions per hour will help you stay focused and do not perevantazhuvatys. Take the two minutes watching the surrounding landscape, light nosh or a short meditation. Vacation satisfaction.
  10. KVaDRuS reasonable goals (SMART goals) External link : Decrease designation rules laying purposes. Rules designed to protect production from unattainable goals. The reduction in translation from English means: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time.

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Overview «reasonable» alarm aXbo

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In the context of the recently published article «How to become early bird» want to tell about interesting Assistant «professional» zhayvoriv - «reasonable» alarm aXbo. Principle of the alarm based on the recognition phase of sleep, which is the owner. Alarm analyzes your behavior during sleep and wakes you when you prokynutys best. Yuri Zozulya aXbo tested in action and wrote about it a good review.

Under the new year I became a happy owner of an alarm aXbo. This alarm also bought a work of my colleague, so it allowed me to get more information. I want a review of the wonders of technology, and to share their impressions and conclusions.


  1. Alarm
  2. Two sensors
  3. Two Wristbands
  4. Charger with adapters for a variety of sockets
  5. USB-cable
  6. Instructions in English and German
  7. Interesting and colorful box:)

The alarm clock is made in stylish a la Apple. Display clear and looks very impressive. Display Illumination blue. Weight small. Alongside is the orange stickers «SPAC» (Sleep.Phase.Alarm.Clock) - ideas that designers I never understood, but it annoys me, not much;)

The set includes two sensors - sensor 1 and sensor 2. Note: the first sensor to be used for the first profile in the alarm, the second for the second (sensors numbered). Each sensor is designed for an average of 4-5 years of daily use. Then you will need to buy new, because the replacement batteries are not available.

Wristbands are also two. They are different in size, a little less than the other. I think the reason is simple: two people who sleep in one bed - it is likely people (Wristband more) and women (slightly less than a wristband):) Wristbands differ among themselves not only in size but location stickers «SPAC», so they are easier to discern. If Wristbands standard size does not fit, you can order an alternative set of desired size. Each wristband on his domestic side, there is a special pockets for the sensor. Wristbands made little scamp: uneven line, a thread sticking out, and generally can be done accurately. Although usability is not affected.

The charger is equipped with various adapters for different standards sockets. In the instructions and the site tells a lot about intelligent charging system, and initially it seems that the alarm should be attached to the network cable. But as it turned out, the primary mode of alarm - a working of batteries. I specifically z'yasovuvav this issue in support.

USB-cable is required to download data from the alarm clock on your computer and to update the firmware.

Instruction to set the alarm. Although management very quickly get used because it is very well organized.

Box attracts interesting design, so if you want somebody to give this alarm clock, the extra packaging is optional.


On general principle I have already told work here (RUS). As a result of my observations and experiments, I made this conclusion: the alarm is not a measure pulse, pressure, or nerve impulses - all very simple, it determines the phase of sleep by your movements. How it works:

  • Activate the sensor. If activated sensor 1 (2), then you need to configure the alarm profile 1 (2). Alarm no problem working with two sensors simultaneously. Without activation sensors, he works as a normal alarm clock.
  • Sensor into a wristband in special position. More information is in the instructions.
  • Wristband worn on the hand. Right dress on the left hand, left-handed right. What is due can not say.
  • Further falls asleep and the morning alarm clock to wake you try to «correct» phase.

Alarm clock starts analyze your movements for 30 minutes before the scheduled period of revival and based on this information enables the signal. The basic principle is to awaken you in time fast asleep.

In the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) phase, we dream dreams and body is in a paralyzed state. When a phase of light sleep, muscles are activated and the man begins to shuffle in bed. At this point the alarm and wakes us, not letting go in the slow phase (deep) sleep. The effect is actually simple - the alarm bell at a time when the muscles and the brain active (people moving in bed), so get out of bed and start your day easier, observed the effect of cheerfulness.

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As an early bird

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The girl, who wakes, potyahuyuchys

Good zasvity sun rise, because this habit contributes to gaining health, wealth and wisdom.
- Aristotle

Zhayvoramy born or become? As for me, I just became zhayvorom. I rarely if vicennial Fuzz before midnight and almost always vidsypavsya ad libitum feeding the next day. Usually I start my business somewhere poobidi. But even in those days I could not help noting the close connection between success in my life and early rising. In those occasional days when I prokydavsya morning, I noticed that my performance is not always higher normal, and not only in the morning, but during the day. In addition, I noted an incredible sense of harmony, which was all day. So, as a practical man, I, I set a goal down early. I quickly transferred to a fifth alarm for the morning ... and the next day it was for me somewhere in the area dinner.

Hmmm ...

I tried again and again, but success is not his place. It seemed as if I gave birth without henu early rising. If not dzveni alarm, my first desire was to stop him and contrary to dzelenchannya sleep itself more. After I left their attempts, and several years before the theme is not returned. But later, thinking on his experience, knew that approached the problem from the wrong side. I just changed his tactics, suddenly turned into a real zhayvora.

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How clean and live in harmony with the world

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Сміття One of the sources that performs calm my soul - clean and simple villages. When prokydayuchys morning, I go to simply equipped, clean, no sorynky, removed the living room, my heart filled with joy and peace. When before my eyes appears harmyder with scattered to all corners of toys, books and other junk riznosortnoho, thoughts in my head plutayutsya, and the soul becomes wistfully. In the latest chapter of my work productively and with pleasure, it is easy to see life from a positive perspective and good humor to build for the future. Let these plans relate to today, and whether future.
Nine ways to simplify the search experience and to optimize life natrenuvav in a good cleaner and now a mess to me on the shoulder. Now I know that if from time to time to give clean little attention nezaharaschene life quite possible. I want to offer you some advice, they are all effective and battle tested, but most everyone can choose for themselves.

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Generation of ideas: a method of toy kachenyaty

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Toy duck To brainstorm, you do not necessarily need a group of people. Contact kachenyaty toy.

Useful thing, that I, the new prohramistka, learned one of the first was a method known as the «check bear». On it I read the book «Practical Programming» But is it that's the: help a university specifically held toy bear, and before students received the opportunity to ask about something the employee center had aloud clearly formulate your question this toy. Delhi at a time when students finally able to formulate your question, every second he has seen and answer. This method is also called the «method of toy kachenyaty», because in fact it does not matter what exactly you're talking.

Important omovyty problem. Often enough to explain it to someone aloud to organize their thoughts, identify incorrect zasnovky and look at everything with fresh eyes.

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