How to start your own business and get up to 24 000 USD. seed capital

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Money Business - How to start your own business and get up to 24 000 USD. seed capital But time and you understand that working for the employer, even the best in the world, you can not fully realize themselves. You tired accountable for every five minutes late and you know how to make this world better. You're almost ready navazhytys and become an entrepreneur. To confirm that in our country is changing for the better, and she is concerned about the development of their people, let me tell you how to register as a private businessman and a 24 to 000 USD. seed capital.

Entrepreneurship Development Program state implements including through local and regional employment centers, offering help to unemployed deploy their own affairs. Therefore, through this institution and will be our way. Note that describes how effective only when you work as a hired worker for at least a year and have formalized, or as they say «white», wages in more than 2000 USD. per month (this number is approximate, we explain why). In addition, the last two years, you do not have to entrepreneurial activity.

Think what you want to engage more in the world, and understand how this can be done - and forward to your dreams!


First, what to do after the experience of positive emotions from thinking about a better future, a plan the next two to three months of his life. And the first thing to do (happy occasion) is to become unemployed. This does not mean that to burn bridges with former superiors - no hurry, probably saved a good relationship will you need in the future.

People who decide to resign from work to their own will have to wait three months before you will have the opportunity to become registered in the nearest to the center of employment. However, the release of their own volition - not the only way to terminate the relationship with the employer. Article 36, paragraph 1 of the Code of Ukraine on the work, among other grounds for dismissal of an employee and such form as the release of «agreed». You discussed the current situation of the enterprise with its head, and decided that for both of you will be better if the next month your ways away. Good for us, it is that reason exempt from such a person can be registered unemployment on the day after release, not hayuchy of time on waiting. From the employer side, there is no difference between these two articles: he does not pay any additional taxes, and does not separate paperwork. The only thing it requires is to specify the appropriate point in the article KZpP citation of dismissal, and in your work book.

Employment Center

Having the passport, employment and the document on education, you come to accept in the Employment Center at the place of registration (for registration confirmation and need your passport). Appointed inspector takes you to you, bringing you personal business and provides your initial job search. You get three or four job offers that match your education or experience gained during employment. Now your goal - vidkaraskatys of all the proposals that you receive. Otherwise, you just do not vvazhatymetes unemployed and therefore do not need any assistance. For three days, including day getting directions, you have to bypass all employers and get their refusal in taking you to work. Throughout the period of stay on the books in the UC, you have the right to give no more than two suitable offers of work.

Suitable job. For citizens who have lost jobs and income (labor income) is considered appropriate work that meets the education profession (specialty), employee qualification and is in the same area where he lives. Wages should match the level that person had on the previous work on its average level prevailing in the area last month.

So Employment Center offers a work that meets or your profession or education. You have full right to refuse work, if the proposed salary lower than the one you had before the release, but if your monthly income exceeded the value of the average wage in your region, then the basis for comparison is exactly the figure. If you see that the proposal was to arrange for you all the options, do not rush her to refuse to (remember, you are only two such chances). In such a case should negotiate separately with a specific potential employer. Tell him that although you like him fit, but, as was shown, you suddenly realized that the work he will be out uninteresting. But if the work uninteresting, what discipline or quality of work you expect from him? .. So, is not hard to you, dear, to write that I do not pidhodzhu? If the employer is to meet you, then send it back your puts tag «inadequate», indicate the specific reason like «not versed in the technological processes used in the enterprise» and reinforces refusal stamp.


If suitable work for you there - you are interested in this - you return to the Employment Center filled with root directions and on the seventh day after the first appeal to the UC officially become unemployed. For the status you need to collect a ream of documents, which include:

  • copy of the identification code
  • certificate of earnings over the last year of tax (to be ordered and issued during the week)
  • copy of the certificate of compulsory state social insurance which gives the Pension Fund (small laminated card green)
  • certificate of confirmation of insurance from the Department of personification District Branch Pension Fund
  • certificate of the average wage over the last six months of experience on the special form (before the submission is checked and approved by the employee accounting UC)
  • copy of the order of dismissal from a previous job
  • copies of documents on education (no attachments to them)

Delivery of these securities and took a new direction to work, you get the unemployed. The next official UC appoints a rendezvous is not this week, but for two, and three might. In the meantime, you open a bank account to which narahovuvatymetsya state unemployment benefits.

Somewhere in this time (and sometimes in the first week of the search), your inspector invites you at the seminar. Tell you more about your rights, the terms of services and opportunities that will open. Among other things you offer to visit a seminar entitled «Targeting business - the path to your business». At the two-hour workshop you will pass simple testing the ability of businesses and participate in discussions on the above subject. Returning to the inspector, you say that the seminar will inspire you, and you decide to end a career employee and start their own business.

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How to quit work and start to live

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How it all begin?

Once you prokydayetes and understand that your life was meaningless. The work takes you to nine hours a day (lunch time, I did not ready to take personal time). Another eight hours go to sleep (with me there, and ten and twelve - in the particularly difficult periods of life). Still another seven hours, of which about three hours I spent on the road (half there and half ago). The time that remains (about an hour four), went on morning and evening toilet, and on leaving, conventionally speaking, «time before television». Of course, this time you can spend on anything, for example, often I katavsya bicycle or reading books. But when the three hours up the right, all my energy is sucked previous nine held in the office. So feel vegetables. Brain is not working. The same pitiful remnants of enthusiasm, which remain in the bottom of the brain after the working day, eat local train, subway, road congestion, shops and the same as I am tired people around. These balances are for nothing ready.

A big part of your life you spend to solve foreign problems. Right words, you - the hammer, which can qualitatively spike. You hammer, capable of learning: you read books, go to seminars, you care about how to become the best in his profession, well, or at least how not to be the same shit as the majority. You never did anything for himself, all the tasks you set manual or customer. If vdumatysya, you can not come up that would make this the most. Your brain is during school and trained at the Institute of solving your problems. In those rare moments when you may be a chance to show initiative, you do not know how. Just cool hammer that nails one score. Eight hours a day. And so goes the whole life, except for the preparatory period (childhood) and the period when the hammer starts awry spike (old age). And people do not need. Its content, no interest. Thoughts, feelings and aspirations. Everything that you have - a summary and a list of former bosses. They look future bosses, taking you to work. Even colleagues with whom you may have good relations (until you run for nine hours together every day), they forget you for a month after your release. You feel that you have a good team? This is until you work for one command. Not fact, but you can become enemies, simply changing the place of work. Read the rest of entry »

How to stop living from wage to salary

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Чек з банкомату Years I was tranzhyrom. I spent more than earned. I used credit card, living life, not for the wealthy. But over time, and I pomudrishav: I threw credit cards and closed the relevant bank accounts, but his land is not put alert. Although I have not hruznuv in debt, and still sitting at the bottom of the pit: I have lived from wages to pay. Once a month I spent earnings: pay bills for housing and services, and then watched as lyshalosya. And I lyshalos 20 or 200 dollars, I knew that they spent: comics, video games, clothing or any other hozhi way ... I joked that I am on the right to call a specialist from spending money to the last penny. Is that a joke it was not. Late night sovayuchys in bed, I asked myself: why I can not break this circle?
So I spent five years out - you can live a long time from salary to salary, if not make new debts (or if it suddenly comes an evil). Overall, it can look like this:

  • If you spend more than earn, you get in debt.
  • If you spent all that make you live from salary to salary.
  • If you spend less than make you rich.

I do not know you, but my goal - the last paragraph. Escape from the life of the wage to pay, means to create a profitable cash flow, reducing their costs: instead, to spend all that you earn, you should save a little each month. Even 25 or 50 dollars vazhytymut. And once you start, the amount to increase as a snow ball. My 25 dollars monthly savings into a 100 and then 300 and that more!
But how to save? How to escape from the trap of zero balances?

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