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The girl, who wakes, potyahuyuchys

Good zasvity sun rise, because this habit contributes to gaining health, wealth and wisdom.
- Aristotle

Zhayvoramy born or become? As for me, I just became zhayvorom. I rarely if vicennial Fuzz before midnight and almost always vidsypavsya ad libitum feeding the next day. Usually I start my business somewhere poobidi. But even in those days I could not help noting the close connection between success in my life and early rising. In those occasional days when I prokydavsya morning, I noticed that my performance is not always higher normal, and not only in the morning, but during the day. In addition, I noted an incredible sense of harmony, which was all day. So, as a practical man, I, I set a goal down early. I quickly transferred to a fifth alarm for the morning ... and the next day it was for me somewhere in the area dinner.

Hmmm ...

I tried again and again, but success is not his place. It seemed as if I gave birth without henu early rising. If not dzveni alarm, my first desire was to stop him and contrary to dzelenchannya sleep itself more. After I left their attempts, and several years before the theme is not returned. But later, thinking on his experience, knew that approached the problem from the wrong side. I just changed his tactics, suddenly turned into a real zhayvora.

Hard to get up early, relying on the false idea. But having them to help correct it easily.

The most common error here is: you think that if you want to stand before you and good to sleep earlier. So you see how much you sleep now and then just zsuvayete period of time for sleep for several hours. If you now sleep from midnight to eight, you calculate that you should stop at ten, so next up at six. Sounds very convincing, but usually does not work.

It seems there are two main schools convictions on sleep schedules. The first argues that a person should wait a day and up at the same time. It is as if set two alarm clocks: one for sleep, the second on Awaking. It seems quite practical for the modern world. We have to be predictable in their actions. And we care about your needs.

The second school believes that should listen to yourself and you lyahayuchy just tired, get up when your body wants that. Beginning the school should look at studies of human biorhythms. We ourselves know what we need to rest and do not need to assault their nature.

By trial and error, I porozumiv for themselves, that both schools offer ineffective solutions. Especially if you're interested in performance.

Here's why: If you choose to sleep on time, sometimes you must wait when you sleep you do not want more. You just hayete time, lying with closed eyes, trying to sleep. In addition, your actions are based on the belief that every night you need one and the same number of hours to rest. This false assumption - your need for sleep varies day.

If your sleep habits for closer second school, you likely spatymete more than need. Often much longer - say 10-15 hours a week (as much vivacity lasts for one day). Many people who sleep under such a system are in bed more than eight hours, and usually too many. And make plans in the morning, right ungrateful, because every time you rise to a different time. And, given that our natural rhythms sometimes do not coincide with the 24-hour doboyu, you risk her rozsynhronizuvatys.

For me the best solution was to combine both approaches. It is very easy and many people zhayvoriv do so every day, even it does not hesitate, but for me coming to the regime became a real revelation. So I decided to wait, I just wanted to sleep (and only when I wanted to sleep) and wake up in a predetermined time. And so, seven days a week. Now I always wake up at the same time of (in my case at the fifth), but lies every time in another time.

I vkladayus when you have that already can not sleep. Checking myself I am very simple: if I understand that the meaning of the last couple pages of the book that I read, runs from me, the sleep time has come. Usually I zasynayu three minutes. I lie, vmoschuyus me here to pick a wave sleep. Sometimes I zasynayu about half in the ninth, with other work until midnight. Usually I lie awake at ten o'clock, odynnadtsyatiy. If I'm not sleepy, I do things until the eye does not begin zaplyuschuvatys themselves. And reading - a good lesson, which helps determine whether the time has vkladatysya.

Every morning my alarm clock just stop, I potyahuyus few seconds and up. Long I do not think so. I realized that the process stretches schodovshe rising, then more likely to delay my nap me back into their embrace. So I do not allow yourself to argue with his sleepy «I» on the benefits of extra-second hour of sleep. Even if I want to sleep yet, I still up.

After several days of practice this approach, I realized that my dream became pryrodnishym. If I had slept one night, I started early the next evening nod, and therefore Fuzz earlier. And if was sappy and not feel tired, sleep less. My body pryvchylos deactivated him at the right time, because it is clear that I am up every once in while, and this time was not considered.

As a side effect, I was up on average 90 minutes less every night, the morning I feel vidpochylishym. I slept almost all the time spend in bed.

I realized that people suffering from insomnia are those who invested sleep without drowsiness. If you feel sleepy and understand that not fast asleep, rise up and take a little. Opyraytes sleep until your body begins to produce hormones that zakolyshut consciousness. If you lyahatymete only when vidchuvatymete drowsiness, and you rise always in the same time, no chance of insomnia. First night, you may proveshtayetes dovhenko, but sleep just vklavshys. May be difficult to rise early the next morning, pospavshy only a few hours, but you stand day and night to sleep earlier. Splyve some time and you learn to stay around the same time, it zasynayuchy.

So, if you wanted an early bird (or just want to better plan your dream), so: lying down only when feel really sleepy, and Wake up every hour on the same.

Steve Pavlina (site)

This article is copyright © by Steve Pavlina and is reprinted with permission. For more personal development articles, visit Steve Pavlina's Personal Development for Smart People.

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  1. Natalie says:

    Very convenient text. Absolutely agree. But most came to these conclusions after birth, when we started to notice that night - is not necessarily time sleep and day - badorosti. It should listen to yourself and not invest himself in bed (because so required). Best title of the article - "Stop waste time!"

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