How to quit work and start to live

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How it all begin?

Once you prokydayetes and understand that your life was meaningless. The work takes you to nine hours a day (lunch time, I did not ready to take personal time). Another eight hours go to sleep (with me there, and ten and twelve - in the particularly difficult periods of life). Still another seven hours, of which about three hours I spent on the road (half there and half ago). The time that remains (about an hour four), went on morning and evening toilet, and on leaving, conventionally speaking, «time before television». Of course, this time you can spend on anything, for example, often I katavsya bicycle or read books. But when the three hours up the right, all my energy is sucked previous nine held in the office. So feel vegetables. Brain is not working. The same pitiful remnants of enthusiasm, which remain in the bottom of the brain after the working day, eat train, subway, road congestion, shops and the same as I am tired people around. These balances are for nothing ready.

A big part of your life you spend to solve foreign problems. Right words, you - the hammer, which can qualitatively spike. You hammer, capable of learning: you read books, go to seminars, you care about how to become the best in his profession, well, or at least how not to be the same shit as the majority. You never did anything for himself, all the tasks you set manual or customer. If vdumatysya, you can not come up that would make this the most. Your brain is during school and trained at the Institute of solving your problems. In those rare moments when you may be a chance to show initiative, you do not know how. Just cool hammer that nails one score. Eight hours a day. And so goes the whole life, except for the preparatory period (childhood) and the period when the hammer starts awry spike (old age). And people do not need. Its content, no interest. Thoughts, feelings and aspirations. Everything that you have - a summary and a list of former bosses. They look future bosses, taking you to work. Even colleagues with whom you may have good relations (until you spend nine hours in total each day), they forget you for a month after your release. You think you have a good team? This is until you work for one command. Not fact, but you can become enemies, simply changing the place of work.

Money - not a problem

At some point I could not longer work in office. I no longer understand why I do. Work is protypryrodno. For money, people do what no to do with their own will. The work we encourage parents + school + university and, of course, money. Indeed, money - this is cool. To live you need money. But that is a life, if it is fully spent on the job?

«I work to get money I spend to live another month, I spent at work. I live to work, not make money to live »

Foolishly spend their lives in support of his life. We do not live in primitive society, we do not eat Carnivora animals, we do not die of hunger, we do not zamerznemo cold. If most of your life, I spend that I won is not required, will be live?

People find many reasons why they can not quit work.

There will be live on

This is fiction. You have parents, you have a wife, husband or male permanent or permanent girl, you have friends and many opportunities to get money legally. If not ready to believe you can defer money on six months of life. You can move to the suburbs to pay less for housing. You can always somehow Discussion at a time. Person really is not much money to live. Look more at the third month of idleness, I sold the Xbox, laptop bought Apple, the new phone and jazz guitar. I do not know where I came to this money. I even recorded costs and revenues. Anyway this is incomprehensible. Universe generous and full of abundance. Money is always as long as you really need. It is the universal law of money.

In fact, the main reason people go to work for someone - a reluctance to answer for his life. Naymayuchys to work, you pass this responsibility to the office. You say when coming to work when the stop work being done, what to do and how much you have for it. You can agree or not agree on a specific proposal, but the choice of the employer - a ghastly choice. The essence is not changing. Dispose of your life not you. On the other hand, you get friends to work, you get a decent employment, which is not very offensively to spend time. You can not worry about what will be tomorrow. You skorshe likely increase. This is nice. But for this to live?


Main reason - in the head. I would never have cast work, if work could continue. But something in my head ZASKOCZ and I was loathe to work for anyone in any form. Every time I tried to do something very uninteresting to me, I went in stupor and was forced to abandon started. I tried to change specialty. Once I was a programmer, then a specialist in usability. I recently tried to become bloggers. I failed. Ivy me when something should have time to pre-determined time. Ivy me when something should be done not because I'm interested, but because it must be somebody. In short, I threw work, because not psychologically able to do so. This is my feature, all people are different.

Think it is possible within you accumulated a lot of frustration. Around plenty of things you can do better. Maybe they do not like, and may you live a positive consciousness, but ready to change the world. Traffic jams. Lights. Overcrowded subway and bus. Maintenance. Marketing. Advertising. Your ideas? Something of this you can change for sure.

You may think that if you go to work, just vkladetesya on the settee and does not do absolutely nothing. Indeed, it is not quite true. Some time I did so. Two months I hravsya in Xbox. Even a month just sitting on the Internet. Overall, I was for 4 months before I really wanted to do something.

Everyone can find something that she was interesting. This even is the case all his life. I am more than confident that in five years I will be busy just another «matter all his life», because for me change - this is life. But it does not matter. Important:

  • find a business that you are interested,
  • to think of how to profit from it.

I was always interested in mobile phones, laptops and other gadgets. I do not like sites with multi-reviews cell phones equipped with tons of photos. I let them take incapable journalists who vpravlyayutsya write the words where they are unnecessary. I read books of Thomas Mann, wrote much more than conventional journalist, but the quality does not compare. This is what I want to change, I'm curious, and I started practicing this.

Working for yourself

My site for three weeks, he still does not profit, and I am not sure that the profits (when it appears) will be adequate efforts. But I still crowded ideas on how to make it better, how to earn money on it and bring it to people. Something of those ideas work, something - no. People who write about startups, often talk about business plans. They say that to do Startup and attract investment only when you are hundred percent sure that the right designed detached. Make something to bring money, and possibly meet, and not do anything that brings pleasure and, perhaps, bring money. I do not know. I will not earn money and have no reason to suggest anything here. Personally for me no other choice. I just can not tame work solely for money. So I chose a different model. I do that, I wonder, and try to earn this money.

This may not come immediately. Nobody can predict the future. Business plans just can not. Try. Remember, nothing will change until you start to act. Can not tell if any good idea until it is implemented. Necessarily have Napoleonic plans - try to realize that does not require large investments and time. Ideal option when you want to invest a couple of months its time to evaluate results. Tried - rated results - agreed - move on. If the idea is not justified - drop it and beritsya for a new one. You will not lose anything except your time. I have zhayav seven years of his life to nothing, why not spend another couple of months that I really like?

Imagine that you liked the girl you saw in the shop in the porch or in the subway. You can go home and long guess what happened if you tried to meet with her. What would you say that she would answer. And then you, and then it ... dinner, candles and so on. Well, all this - only in your imagination. The girl is now safe to go to the store, out of the porch or riding in the subway. But you sit at home and do hell knows what. This is - reality. It is fun for the imagination. It is unpredictable. You can think what to begin acquaintance with a girl, you can roughly several options - depending on the situation. Further reflection does not help. Then you need to act. Thinking will not help you see that girl, for example, does not love roses or engaged in yoga. No business plans will not help you know if your idea of interesting people, and if interested - it how much they can pay for this money. Life is much more interesting for business plans.

I understand that everything that I say true for me, and could be wrong for you. You live in your own world. You may feel good, working in office. This is your own choice. I understand that the cast work so that more could not work. No arguments from the parties do not help me to quit work (though it would have prepared the ground). So, in fact, it's simple story of my life that does not necessarily inspire you to change your.

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8 comments on "How to quit work and begin to live"

  1. G3D says:

    Indeed detached article. Once you've read through one podysi. Thank you for it. Forced to reflect on the essence of his life ...

    5 for you!

  2. Rjevskiy says:

    I believe that everyone should think sooner or later, its future and about the waste of time for traffic jams on the way to work and work, helping Somebody make money.
    Even if this work is interesting ...

    Now, organize your business and, as stated in the article, «No business plans will not help you know if your idea of interesting people, and if interested - it how much they can pay for the money».
    It is at this stage now and znahozhus.
    And that can not work more on the office, realized in 2004. At the same time and began working on foreigners napivdystantsiyno ..
    Now, not at any price will not go in dative office.

  3. Julia says:

    Hit in the heart !!!!!!
    Very good article, it inspired !!!!! Probably no more for human happiness than freedom, if you to decide what to do, where to hold your time and not sitting in front of computer all day and solve strange problem for which you at the end of the month will mizer which you waiting eagerly, and after receive do not know what to do with it. Indeed, whatever specialist you have not had to do - strange people do not properly appreciate you, and so passing precious life that you do not even have time to enjoy!
    Thank you for the push !!!!!!!
    Good luck!

  4. Yura says:

    > strange people do not properly appreciate you
    Julia, is rather broader problem of human loneliness in this world. How many a man had friends and relatives around himself in this world, it still is. Most responsible for his life, is to decide what to seek.
    It is important to properly evaluate themselves, it is important to love a good:) This, incidentally, necessarily affect attitudes and the other to you.

  5. Michael Elfymov »How to quit work and start to live says:

    [...] Perestat work and begin to live »in Ukrainian language: How to quit work and start to live @ identity [...]

  6. Ilya says:

    Very sporno, but there is at чём podumat

  7. bozhenko says:

    Just Note me. I think that you are not a hammer. You hammer. I also rozharatav matrix and producing your style. But. I began to understand why the crowd was John vopiyuchym. I'm 51. This is 51 multiplied by 365. These millions zashorenyh age.

  8. master says:

    cast бывает this work is not very easy, because People already привык for her team.

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