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Smiling boy Every Sunday morning on the waves of Ukrainian radio transmission sounds «himself». Its author Olga Ivanova said to those who want to be successful and nurture a positive thinking. Scope applications Ms. Olga suholosna and similar topics, which highlights our blog. Today she and her gear - guests «personal development».

Welcome! You hear the author's transfer Olga Ivanova «himself». Before you describe the theme of today's issue, please look in the mirror. How to think: these things face to see it, is funny, cheerful, or pessimist? As testified to another, your business card will always be for u? Madness?

Friends of our family and Leonid Antonina goose, coming after years of separation to their historical homeland of the U.S. state of Florida, where they live for several decades, very astonished that the streets of the capital they identify as foreign. They were dressed in our live modestly, trying to not stand out. But our земляки before they began to speak, asked: «You came from which country?»

Why - m? Ntom - vpiznavaly goose as foreigners, I did not understand. But vpiymala itself that also distinguishes among citizens of other countries and is not our clothing or language. By the way, my friends, friends and acquaintances who live almost in the whole world in his letters to me, noted that «our» «a» is immediately calculated - for the expression. «Our» - a former Soviet.

What is the distinctive sign, superimposed on the faces of people developed the epoch of socialism?

Indeed, the information that I gathered by such a planet online poll of friends and acquaintances to hrutovnist not sufficient.

Spryymit it with a smile. Moreover, as it turned out, smile (or its absence) is otym distinctive sign, which talk more. Today's issue we called: «smile as a mirror of the soul».


«Our» abroad I recognize almost immediately and accurately, - wrote me from Germany Inga Pidevych, MD, chairman of the Western European Department of the International Union of Writers «New contemporary». Our not so free, peaceful and uninhibited as the Germans. For 10 years I have used that here I usmihayutsya vendors, employees mail, savings bank, usmihayetsya passer, to which I appeal to any question. This standard of conduct, which all of life easier. Can German false smile? No, it laid the willingness to take the interlocutor well, but it does not mean willingness to pay last shirt or invite your guests.

I question whether it was more Nimechyni smile, poet answered is: «Actually, cloudy I never was, and at home I disease, and so usmihalasya less. There is not cured, but under treated, and the smile was so often ... »

But do not rush to conclusions that matter - in the best social conditions, in some sense of security ...

Alexander Lutsenko, physicist-elektronschyk, who lives in the Israeli city of Beer-Sheba, shared samovidkryttyam: «Just vidvyk of dark faces, taking himself that now, as a provincial boy, am glad of all that surrounds me. I see bunch of dates on the palm - usmihayusya, trees in blossom - usmihayusya, Sea - usmihayusya, usmihayusya, usmihayusya ... »

Interestingly, the ability to smile has not lost a man who lives in a country which from time to time stryasayut war. We have no war unless it is not a reason for the happy smiles?

Of course, warm sea, tender sun, palm trees in the streets ... and not rush to conclusions that matter - in the best conditions ...

On first impressions of the visit Zapolyarnoye Alaska - wrote me videooperator and director Alexander Bilyk and his wife, a teacher of music, Snezhana Bilash, now living in New York.

- ... Never forget that small Litachok for 8-10 passengers, among them most - Inuit, who returned home. When they saw the light in their native island Gamble, you have something funny rap and clap their hands. This is free and uninhibited exercise of these people their joy ...

At the airport we met a smiling Eskimo - fellow Customs. While the seal of our passports, he said something to us in his back and smiled. In 10 minutes we flew to Nome. The owner of the house where we live, Year Williams saw us coming, jumped out of the apartment barefoot (well, even though autumn was not winter!). It not only usmihavsya, and opened us embrace ...

In New York, where we arrived in 2001, smiling people were slightly less than in Alaska, but note that there are many visitors. Sami amerkantsi say that the smile - is part of their culture, so taken ... smile everywhere and everyone - is the standard of life, where you have to answer. Some nyuyorktsiv always speaks with a smile on the mouth. Is it sincere? This question we have somehow not pereymayemosya, smile and serve us all. Once accustomed to it. And be sure, have not heard that one of our fellow narikav that Americans usmihayutsya him too much.

Indeed, any of our friendly smile doctor or cabbie responded to suspicious: «And what is it you want ...?» Exceptive or «lo vyshkiryv teeth!».

We're all terribly like when chyyes face just shines a kindness, but we somehow lehche shining mirror than emitted. Why so afraid to start first?

My friend Nicholas, aircraft, working in Buenos Aires, once told: «Over the years, live in Argentina, I used to smile, going to the store or opynyayuchys in any thunder? Dskomu place. Here is the usual case, smile no surprise. When during the holidays several years ago continued exactly well treated at home - compatriots looked at me, as a muttonheaded ... »

«We, Ukrainians, somehow believe that laughter (or smile) without reason - a« sign durachyny »- expression of a specific nedoumkuvatosti - once shared with me Claudia, writer, who now earn their bread by working manager in a large shopping centers Sydney. - Here in Australia, people often usmihayutsya but Ota is a little smile. In Ukraine usmihayutsya so that like in Australia - all in succession. Smile - a mandatory attribute of successful human image, which must meet. Our people are happier, they usmihayutsya when they happy avtraliytsi - to impress.

When you see so many smiling faces, unwittingly ask ourselves: what is funny Ota Australia, is the largest in the world by number of suicides?

They usmihayutsya to deceive not only others but himself: «I'm all right, all the better». Reply chymraz standards becomes more difficult - is further Claudia. - This is especially noticeable on the eve of Christmas. I often see women who are shopping center and ... crying. Called to a Pre-stress, feelings for the fact that the feast they were the best, schonayveselishe, schonayradisnishe. That's the paradox.

The same Alexander Lutsenko, who is accustomed smile palms on the streets of Beer Sheba and the warm waves of the Mediterranean Sea, which leaves on weekends, once asked me to send pictures of my friends who live in Ukraine. Considering the smiling faces - they are such not only in the pictures! - Surprised. Very positively, people! Indeed, the smile I do not have to go to Alaska (although I would gladly pousihalasya Inuit). Just smile and love hornusya those who share this hobby. Naburmoseni people do not make a positive in my life, so communication with them, usually lasts long. To give the world the joy, I charged it from somebody.

«All you need for happiness in yourself».
Barbara de Andzhelis.
- Skorystaymosya that we have.
- To help you - the «himself»

So smile ... It does not appear from nowhere and is not vnikudy. Such a modified law of Lomonosov. Even when we usmihayutsya «need for so», so tradition requires, or pan-director of the company:) - becomes fun. Having, we usmihayemosya and smiling - reflex! - Can cause a feeling of joy. Try it!

Usmihnulysya? What hurt? And who shows you the display in the mirror? For this person you would like to make friends?

Most of my friends, friends and acquaintances who shared my views on the smiles, the people are smiling. Almost all of them in a new country for themselves (which were for various reasons), that is, starting from scratch. First do the dirty, low-paid work over the household difficulties, taught a new language. Rise to the experiences and sometimes it was a lot of despair. Maybe, and they survived in unusual circumstances for themselves because not lose sight of positive, which fueled smile strange people.

One of my friends, games, theatrical producer, who has seven years living in Tokyo, who not only had to work! To ensure the family, performed odd jobs, finally began to entrepreneurship. In free time earning money is poetry and writes his own songs. Igor spantelychyv me once seemingly simple task - keep a smile on the lips at least five consecutive minutes. You will not believe (check it out) at the first minute of the face muscles reminded me that I usmihayusya enough. In the third minute was smile sardonically. Train, train, train! Smile every day in the mirror, not to zaslabnuty in darkness! Igor says that he p'yatyhvylynka already out, I still working on a ...

Indeed, he wrote me about famous Japanese smile, which is the most common in the Land of the Rising Sun as snow or flowering Fujiyama Cherry Blossom at each yard. Japanese usmihayetsya when meeting, dating, the workplace and at home (although it will not be condemned mope, do not respond to hostility). As it raised. Interestingly, in leaves Igor schokilka ryadochkiv appear «Smilies». That he has educated himself, though not without the help of local residents.

«You, of course, recognize that there are days and times in life when all passers familiar and unfamiliar people seen thee bright, open, sincere. Life - a song - I wrote games with Tokyo. - Leaving for a while, and see the same face cold, dark place ... you not only notice the bad, and become the object of ill-treatment to you - in a store, transport, work. Seemingly, yesterday everything was different here, everything was better ...

Why? The answer is simple. External - a mirror reflection of our inner world. When the joy in the soul - all around excellent.

Then choose: to live with good thoughts and happy, or Kamenyuki arr? With a sense of guilt.

And is that when we usmihayemosya, the usmihayemosya not to someone as a ... »

So there we have a mirror?

This program « Himself »You warmly with a smile on the mouth prepared by the director Marina Golts and author and leading programs Olga Ivanova. Transfer «himself», Ukrainian Radio, Khreshchatyk, 26, Kyiv-1, 01001. E-mail: samsobi [doggie] meta.uaCherhovyy release «himself» You can listen via the National Radio Company of Ukraine.
We all deserve to smile - usmihaymosya! All the best!


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