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In the context of the recently published article «How to become early bird» want to tell about interesting Assistant «professional» zhayvoriv - «reasonable» alarm aXbo. Principle of the alarm based on the recognition phase of sleep, which is the owner. Alarm analyzes your behavior during sleep and wakes you when you prokynutys best. Yuri Zozulya aXbo tested in action and wrote about it a good review.

Under the new year I became a happy owner of an alarm aXbo. This alarm also bought a work of my colleague, so it allowed me to get more information. I want a review of the wonders of technology, and to share their impressions and conclusions.


  1. Alarm
  2. Two sensors
  3. Two Wristbands
  4. Charger with adapters for a variety of sockets
  5. USB-cable
  6. Instructions in English and German
  7. Interesting and colorful box:)

The alarm clock is made in stylish a la Apple. Display clear and looks very impressive. Display Illumination blue. Weight small. Alongside is the orange stickers «SPAC» (Sleep.Phase.Alarm.Clock) - ideas that designers I never understood, but it annoys me, not much;)

The set includes two sensors - sensor 1 and sensor 2. Note: the first sensor to be used for the first profile in the alarm, the second for the second (sensors numbered). Each sensor is designed for an average of 4-5 years of daily use. Then you will need to buy new, because the replacement batteries are not available.

Wristbands are also two. They are different in size, a little less than the other. I think the reason is simple: two people who sleep in one bed - it is likely people (Wristband more) and women (slightly less than a wristband):) Wristbands differ among themselves not only in size but location stickers «SPAC», so they are easier to discern. If Wristbands standard size does not fit, you can order an alternative set of desired size. Each wristband on his domestic side, there is a special pockets for the sensor. Wristbands made little scamp: uneven line, a thread sticking out, and generally can be done accurately. Although usability is not affected.

The charger is equipped with various adapters for different standards sockets. In the instructions and the site tells a lot about intelligent charging system, and initially it seems that the alarm should be attached to the network cable. But as it turned out, the main mode of the alarm - this is from batteries. I specifically z'yasovuvav this issue in support.

USB-cable is required to download data from the alarm clock on your computer and to update the firmware.

Instruction to set the alarm. Although management very quickly get used because it is very well organized.

Box attracts interesting design, so if you want somebody to give this alarm clock, the extra packaging is optional.


On general principle I have already told work here (RUS). As a result of my observations and experiments, I made this conclusion: the alarm is not a measure pulse, pressure, or nerve impulses - all very simple, it determines the phase of sleep by your movements. How it works:

  • Activate the sensor. If activated sensor 1 (2), then you need to configure the alarm profile 1 (2). Alarm no problem working with two sensors simultaneously. Without activation sensors, he works as a normal alarm clock.
  • Sensor into a wristband in special position. More information is in the instructions.
  • Wristband worn on the hand. Right dress on the left hand, left-handed right. What is due can not say.
  • Further falls asleep and the morning alarm clock to wake you try to «correct» phase.

Alarm clock starts analyze your movements for 30 minutes before the scheduled period of revival and based on this information enables the signal. The basic principle is to awaken you in time fast asleep.

In the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) phase, we dream dreams and body is in a paralyzed state. When a phase of light sleep, muscles are activated and the man begins to shuffle in bed. At this point the alarm and wakes us, not letting go in the slow phase (deep) sleep. The effect is actually simple - the alarm bell at a time when the muscles and the brain active (people moving in bed), so get out of bed and start your day much easier, there is the effect of cheerfulness.

Note: the alarm is not treating and not helping people with sleep disorders. Alarm does not replace sleep:) The alarm clock does not help you wake up fresh and vigorous, if you regularly sleep only 3-5 hours per day. Sleep should be complete.

Alarm capable of learning. Sounds intriguing, but life is quite simple. Originally built in alarm patterns of movements (I think that is the power, frequency, amplitude) is inherent to most people. After some time the alarm analyze collected information and tailoring it collected data for a particular template. Men, for example, occasional movements, but stronger in women - frequent and weaker. Hence the resulting recommendation is to use a sensor to one person and not change them. Pidihnavshy pattern of movements under you, the alarm can choose the most optimal time to awakening. For example, if the statistics of your movements strong and sharp, then budytyme alarm you in strong movements, ignoring weak. Since the alarm memory is designed for 2 weeks, then after 2 weeks may be considered an alarm trained.

In fact, if you want, then the alarm is very easy naduryty. For example, if 30 minutes to signal you prokynulysya, but lying and not specifically move, the alarm will wake you in time. As I said, it defines only the awakening of your movements, so if it does not register movements, he believes that you are in a phase of sleep and waits for him the desired phase, ie, your movements. But given that your goal is to wake up and not try to beat the alarm, everything works well:)

Alarm equipped three batteries, which work without charge protyahoya 7-10 days. In my case without charging time is about 15 days, but I do not often use light and alarm clock in the morning I Bell 5 seconds because I wake up fast:) intelligent charging system is that if you connect power to the alarm, the charging the batteries will begin only when they reach a certain level of discharge. If you need to charge the battery here and now, it should be drawn and re-insert the charging cable. In taomu case charging starts immediately. After full charging batteries, as I wrote to disable the alarm from the network. To save the alarm begins to charge the registration movement sensors for 12 hours before the time of awakening.


Therefore, the most interesting: what can the alarm and how it works in reality.

  • Power nap - I call this mode of rapid postprandial sleep. Vidpochatku in alarm clock feature. To activate it, you should update the firmware to the latest version. Before you retire, you must enable this feature. By default set the 30-minute period during which the alarm will monitor your sleep. Tasks alarm - do not make you sleep too deeply. From this feature, I still have mixed impressions. The tests I conducted during the Christmas holidays - after dinner went into the bedroom and tried to sleep. Approximately 30% of the cases I managed to fall asleep within 5-10 minutes, and alarm budyv me correctly, at the time borsannya, in 10-15 minutes. Positive effect. In the remaining 70% I could not sleep (vacations still), and the alarm started to ring over 10-11 minutes. In what I tried to behave differently: always sovavsya, lay without movement - the same result through 10-11 minutes of the alarm began to play a melody. As a result, give an adequate evaluation function is difficult to me because on the one hand, if you really need sleep, it works, but on the other hand, if the dream does not come in the first 5-10 minutes, the alarm will still pick you up for 10 -- 11 minutes, not giving you the opportunity begin sleeping in those 20 minutes remaining. Interpret it is this: if you can not fall asleep within 10 minutes, then go to work more:) But overall, for me it is not the main function, because the work has special rooms for the night there, but at home it can be used only at weekends .
  • Chillout - a special program to help sleep. Currently there are 3 different melodies (all the sounds of nature) that can be included in filling. Over time, zasnovuyuchys on information about your movements, alarm understands what you are and sleep off the sound. I tried to use this feature a couple of times (the wife does not like other sounds) and can say that it works - in the morning I could not remember when the sound disappears:) So, generally, function to fans.
  • Alarm - is the main function for which kupuvavsya and alarm clock. During the alarm clock I use occurred only once, when the alarm prodzvonyv on time and waking up I was difficult. In all other cases, the alarm budyv me beforehand and was quite easy to wake up. After a couple of minutes to feel full on the form. Although should be noted that sleep may still want to, especially if you sleep around 5-6 hours. But awakening still runs easily and with a clear head. Learning is perceived: first alarm budyv me 20-25 minutes before the appointed time and spratsovuvav even small movements, but because of time difference of a couple of weeks and was increased from 5 to 25 minutes. Threshold perception of force movements also grew. Now, when you move a small alarm clock not started calling. Alarm I institutions at the same time - the seventh morning, and the time depends on when I lie down to sleep. I already used that wake up before the designated time and I have an additional time to calm breakfast and read the news online. Before I fell to the latter, using the button Snooze, wake up because I do not like. As a result of aHbo, I walked to work for half an hour earlier - at 8:30. Previously, I twice tried to come to work now, but my attempts failed. I went to ninth, sometimes with nevyspanym felt, and came to the office, had to drink coffee, so at least once pidbadorytys.
    Now some comments about this feature: it is not always and not for all.

    • The first is my bedroom - it is quiet and peaceful place where you can close the blinds, so it was dark even during the day. This means that during sleep there are no extraneous noise and wake me from a sound alarm. If you during the party noises disturb sleep (eg noise signaling machines under the window), you prokydatymetes middle of the night or a morning that will effect the alarm and correct Awaking nothing.
    • Second, the alarm not work for two. I read reviews online and took based experience and expertise of my colleagues. So, I must say that the benefits of alarm will be the one who wakes up first:) The second man just awakened from a signal to first. From there I went, I am satisfied that the alarm clock (wake up before his wife), my colleague - not (his wife up before). Vibrocall in the sensor is not provided, although it also could resolve the problem.
    • Alarm clock will not help you wake up fresh and vigorous, if you regularly sleep less than 3-5 hours a day. Sleep should be complete. Nedospaty can be a time, but doing so is not worth it.
    • And as already said, if you suffer from sleep disorders, the alarm is likely you will not help. On this and on the website and instructions to the alarm.
  • Special software provides additional functionality. When you connect the alarm to the computer with Windows XP no problem with me not there. Drivers providing automatically. Then had to download from the official site of the program analyzer. However, it is only available in German. With this application you can transfer data from the alarm clock on your computer and view or analyze statistics on their sleep. This may help understand how outgoing your sleep and how long different phases. Knowing this, you can determine how many hours to sleep in different situations. For example, perhaps you better sleep 6, not 7 o'clock instead of 4 or 5 o'clock, etc.. Note: the date of the alarm is exposed only through the software. In the alarm, it did not appear, but is used to transfer data from the alarm clock on your computer.


Summing up, we can say that aXbo - a very interesting development. Currently there is only one analog (which I know) - is Sleeptracker But it is another form factor, and I chose aXbo. Principle aXbo very simple, but he really is. Although it should be noted that not all (as I wrote above).

I am pleased with his new acquisition and I always in good shape;) I recommend it not be, because everyone he has to understand whether it is such a thing. I did this review to help make a conscious choice.

PS left to await the next alarm, which can be programmed their dreams.

Yuri Zozulya.

9 Comments on "Review« reasonable »alarm aXbo"

  1. Slenc says:

    Useful thing. Interestingly, in Kiev, so you can buy?

  2. Yura says:

    Slenc: it seems that is not. But just a delivery of Russian online stores.

  3. Roman says:

    Dear Slenc, alarm carotid phases aXbo you can buy in Ukraine on April 22, 2008
    By June, the alarm can be purchased only through the Internet - _www.axbo.com.ua (open from April 20), since June they are retailers.

  4. abo says:

    Today, holiday, pozvolte you pozdravyt! Why is it you - can be found in my blog.

  5. Personal development said:

    Glad tidings, happy for your business and people get a quality product.
    Thanks:) You also on the occasion.

  6. RS12 says:

    I watch SleepTrackerPro - $ 179 through amazon buy. Satisfied him completely. Why pay more for aXbo?

  7. Roman says:

    By RS12: To sleep with "bulbs" on hand

  8. JD says:

    I also Sleeptracker Pro. Bought in Ukraine here: http://www.sleeptracker.com.ua. Regarding the "bulbs" - nichohisinko not feel, though this fell without clock life (shooting it at night).

    Another advantage over AXBO - price. In Ukraine, you will receive a warranty on it.

    But one of the biggest advantages, as for me - is that it can bring in any conditions because:
    1. It is at hand and not on the shelf is.
    2. He moistureproof (check my brother - three days in South Buzi not removing the clock).
    3. If you fall, you did it not happen.

    One word - compact - above all! Simple and convenient. All good dreams!

  9. Roman says:

    Each himself or conveniently chooses him to sleep with a clock at hand. But still aXbo more elegant and functional. Its main advantage - it works for two people and is more comfortable in hand.

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