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Toolbox All we want to cope with their problems, whether they relate to cases that we have to do to be able to deal with things that we love to do, or also with those who just suholosni purpose of our lives. To help you, I gathered 50 ideas, tips, Tricks and tips to help you work better.

  1. The most important task: at the beginning of the day (or evening prior) splanuyte three or four most important things you should do each day. Make them first. Even if you do not do anything different, your day will still be productive.
  2. Chunk: big projects, which you are working with. Daily or weekly highlight time on promoting large-scale problems.
  3. Empty «Incoming»: Decide what to do with the letters just read them. If something should do, do it there or enter the list of tasks and close the letter. If the message is important for information, save it. Sporozhnyayte «Incoming» daily.
  4. Wake up early to: increase the length of day, thanks to early rising - work when no one and not think encroach on your time.
  5. Came - went: avoid obstruction using habit «replacement». Just bought something new, throw out old or yield. For example, buying a shirt, get rid of old. Variation: one came - two are gone. Is useful when the number of extra things prevent you live.
  6. Brainstorm: The process of spontaneous generation of ideas without the right to change or their rejection. Many people use for this special «map consciousness»: a trailer on the middle of a large sheet of paper the problem of character you want to decide to start writing about everything that comes to mind you. Developed each of the ideas produmuyuchy details. Not zamyslyuytes whether it good or bad - you do not have to implement each of them, just vyvilnit them from consciousness. For a while you begin to really surprise your special fabrication.
  7. Widespread notuvannya: always keep a few papers and a pen, amiss as electronic notebook, PDA or mobile. Keep each opinion is not worth forgetting. Let it be a business idea you want to make the thought of the meeting, which should appoint, or reminder of something that should buy the next visit the supermarket. Periodically review your records and transfer them to the appropriate place: the list of cases, the blog etc..
  8. Vysypaytesya: the dream - the good health, quality of teaching and pure consciousness. Sleep at least eight hours (or use the system Steve Pavliny). Realize the dream as a pleasure, as something that you do with love for yourself, not think about it as everyday as a necessity or a luxury.
  9. 10 +2 * 5 External link : Ten short-term work, making between them dvohvylynni break. Use a timer. Five such sessions per hour will help you stay focused and do not perevantazhuvatys. Take the two minutes watching the surrounding landscape, light nosh or a short meditation. Vacation satisfaction.
  10. KVaDRuS reasonable goals (SMART goals) External link : Decrease designation rules laying purposes. Rules designed to protect production from unattainable goals. The reduction in translation from English means: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time.
  11. Success (SUCCES) External link : A principle-reduction from the book of the chip and Dan Giza «Born bright» (Made to Stick), SUCCES - a list of properties that characterize the brightness of ideas. Bright ideas are simple, unexpected, concrete, believable and exciting.
  12. Eat zhabu: naynepryyemnishe do the task first. Phrase goes back to the saying that says that if the first thing you must do at the beginning of a new day is eat zhabu, everything that happens to you will already tochno not so bad.
  13. 80/20 Rule (Pareto rule): Overall, 80/20 rule says that the main and most important piece of work (80%) do strive less effort (20%), while the final and equally important part (20%) requires large number of efforts (80%). Find out how much your work is the bulk of her work and yield the maximum of its energy.
  14. What is the next step?: Plan in advance what you should do to implement the project kontsentruytesya only on the next steps, which prosune work forward. Normally this small step will lead you to the next, and then to the next and so on, until you, or do not do a project or something about the vice porytesya: will need more information or chyyes intervention or else. Fractions problem as possible: you now can not «hold Internet», but you can «call the provider and the service connection».
  15. « Mystery » External link : see External link film.
  16. Pryhalmuyte External link : Give time to yourself. Eat slowly. Read slowly. Linnoschamy enjoy the weekend. Take time to do everything as it should. Try to balance the «mad» rhythm at work and the rest of his life.
  17. Grinding tasks (taymboksynh) External link : Plan separate time intervals to work on large projects. In this time paying attention to all the tasks related to these projects only. Do not try to complete all in one prysid simply no vidvolikaytes to anything else. Option: set goals. For example: you not come down until you write 1000 words or processed ten orders or else.
  18. Batch processing: perform similar tasks together. For example, do not dismantle the e-mail throughout the day instead splanuyte when you open «incoming», and to Look and zreahuyete to every message. The same applies to voice and regular mail, phone calls, etc. - any Template or similar job tasks.
  19. Quarters Stephen Kovi: system of prioritization. Two coordinate axis: the importance and urgency. Tasks are distributed to one of four coordinate quarters: Whether and not urgent, not important and urgent, important and not urgent, important and urgent. Forget about the matter and not urgent tasks aside unimportant, but urgent, try to avoid situations where important tasks are urgent, and the greatest emphasis on the tasks that caught in a quarter of important but not urgent.
  20. Process is there: do not delay the task for later in the hope to deal with them later. Ask yourself: «What do I do this?» Every time when open, and letters, or respond to it immediately or plan to later tasks, or delegate to someone, or keep information from him.
  21. Do not break the chain: use the calendar to check mark their daily tasks. Every day doing something, like writing the planned 1000 words, put a bold cross on marking assignments. Chain cross increased daily. Do not break it! Do not allow the emergence of «empty» days in a sequence of days of your success.
  22. Inspect: weekly highlight time to look at the plan and has made the case for next week. Look, is not to start new projects, think, or what you do with the objectives of your life.
  23. Roles: In his life, each shares a few roles. A man can be a teacher, student, journalist, father, husband, brother, peace activists, athletes, etc.. Understanding their roles and the desire to differentiate them at the right time can help you learn how to harmoniously combine and serve. Put goals in the individual roles and see that they do not contradict each other.
  24. Condition «stream»: the state, which happens when you are so immersed in something that do not notice the passage of time, the work done by itself. It may be hard to enter into this state consciously, you can create a condition by selecting continuous, dedicated her time, eliminating distraction factors, focusing.
  25. Take now External link : Boritsya of the postponement, according to «do now» as a mantra. Limit time on the decision of one minute, decide that going to do everything so stykayetes life in the same moment as it comes to you. Learn firm decisions, even if you do not believe in them all one hundred. Prosuvaytes forward.
  26. Countdown External link : Attorneys monitor the duration of each of its actions, so it is easy to billing clients. You should keep records of all that you do to be able to analyze and evaluate their time. How long is the average performance of a specific task? Is it really 10 minutes away «ten» the right. Do you work eight hours in succession, or a third of that time taken any other business?
  27. System delay External link : How understanding and using habits postpone work «to then» to successful execution. For Top and perform critical tasks from the list, often want to do the following things because they make easier and more enjoyable. So why not put the first paragraph a secondary importance case, appointing her the highest priority and set an unrealistic deadline performance. Indeed it is, of course, and not so important, but in a really important tasks are executed. System delay demands self-important skills. Fortunately just such skills and are the real bummer:)
  28. Living Landmarks: Formulate your life priorities and contact them of short-term goals. Think whether you closer to your next action to the goal of your life? If not - it's time to refrain from unnecessary movements. From time to time review its guidelines.
  29. Inverse planning: methods of planning based on identifying the steps in reverse order deductible from the final result to the first step. Imagine achieved goal. What is the last step should be to come to her? What is the step before the last step? And that penultimate? And so on down until you find yourself on the way. You know where to start.
  30. Vidimknitsya: create your own space, odyahnuvshy headset. People far less hesitant poturbuvaty someone in the headphones, and you do not necessarily turn on their music - except for you because who knows what in your ears?
  31. Record: Do not overload your memory too. Record upcoming case schedule for the day, and in general, that any thing that comes to mind you - with this you can live rozslabyvshys, knowing that just do not forget. Take your notebook computer or effective reminder and storage information. Use the brain by appointment: he thinks, not cares detail.
  32. P'yatyhvylynky: vidtynky short time that occur during the day when we are waiting for bus, stand in line or time for a few minutes before the time allotted. Make a small list of five tasks that can be done in such short intervals, or always have a something to read or do in the larger tasks.
  33. Odnozadachnist: we like to consider myself versatile people, but really are not. In practice, performing many tasks at once, a person allocates time for short intervals, each of which pays a separate task. And because full immersion in the coming few (and for the studies and more than 20) minutes, then poured this approach results in less quality for each of the tasks, compared with those who oderzhuyutsya when the execution of one task is allocated a separate time .
  34. Addictions External link : Habits - this is not the only action that we used do not hesitate - it is also a reflection of our world and how we interact with the world. Review your habits and think about what they sent and what your traits, beliefs and expectations, they say the world. What should change in order to show the world the other you? «Sow action - reap a habit, sow a habit - reap character sown character - reap destiny».
  35. Engine: leave visible reminders places that will help develop a new habit or something not to forget. For example, put on the shelf near the door of books that should be returned to the library - you go from home, do not look at them and remember that they should take with you.
  36. Pryberitsya: disorder - is all that is not in place or happens late. Not necessarily seek to perfect purity, because you can be perfectly removed job, which is impossible to do something putnye - important time to have everything needed at hand without disturbing the normal work to search potsesu. Porozumiyte, y? creates obstruction in your workplace and living space and get rid of pathogens.
  37. Vizualizuyte: Imagine yourself in the future as you become. What your life like? Is that you who really want to be? If you feel that no re-thought their life aspirations. If the image and the feeling you like, imagine how you do the steps on the path to the desired - are you ready to plan and action! Record it and follow.
  38. 43 folders: set of 43 tech signed «1» - «31» and «January» - «December», for the reminder about the case called for some days. At the beginning of a new month, you distributes materials catalog this month between folders, date and location of last month moves on the bottom applies. The same applies to the tech-days: every day you move a folder on the bottom of the previous day. For example, if you now April, and on May 23 you scheduled travel, you first invest in tickets and guide directory «May», and the first imported them in the May folder «23». May 23, Folder «23» will again, as in it - all that you need that day.
  39. List who should not do: a useful thing for the reminder of habits that reduce your productivity. For example, playing in online games.
  40. Templates: Create templates for tasks that do more than ten times. Letters and responses to a standard message, blog entries, etc..
  41. List pidzavdan: planning a big problem, add the list of successive steps necessary for its implementation. You are not rozdumuvatymete midst of the road, what to do next, but keeping such a list can use it like doing the task.
  42. The ability to say «no»: the ability to say «no» - new obligations, obstacles, or why - one of the most valuable skills you can acquire. It allows you to focus on your own interests and will provide time for their implementation.
  43. Schedule: business planning, first glider to enter the time for leisure, entertainment and personal affairs (that you want to do). Slogan «first pay a» also refers to the time. Remaining time to give continuous session. Alternatively, you can add them after the performance:) rewarding yourself for every good piece of focused work.
  44. Cleaning: periodically review their obligations and pozbuvaytes those who either do not meet your life goals, or permanently «vidsmoktuyut» your time or energy.
  45. One Box: Reduce the number of places where you are concentrating new information - the input box of materials. Better keep this one «box». Many people pochuvatsya much confidence, gathered in front of all of the project, which should do not care how he is great.
  46. 50/30/20 External link : Spend 50% of the working day on tasks that bring you to the goal of your life, 30% to achieve medium-term objectives (the next two years), and the remaining 20% given task for the nearest life-time (three months).
  47. Timer: a pledge to work on a specific project or task (and only upon him) during a pre-determined period of time. Set the timer (prysluzhytsya mobile phone or computer) and start work. When the timer tingle - enough, go to another project or task.
  48. Work yaknayhirshe: let them beat baydyky let something naportachyty. Rest of the need to achieve perfection in everything, and also the first event. You, of course, return to work and all vladnayete, but now, just now - will let his layabout.
  49. Assign a date with a External link : Weekly plan special time for yourself. Look at your life: what works, what does not work? What bugs you prypuskayetes? What to change? Allow yourself to know yourself.
  50. [This space intentionally blank]: list out velychenkym, but not too exhaustive. The last item should fill out your own. What use are you? What I would like to share with others? Коментуйте або складайте свій список та діліться ним з нами!

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