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Banana and budystski monks One teacher was with his disciples by the village, where his opponents were teaching. Residents of the village went out of their homes, surrounded guests began their jaw. Students do not stand and were ready to respond images, but the presence of teachers acted on them soothing. The words troubled teachers and farmers, and students.

He returned to the disciples and said:

- You disappoint me. These people do so. They are angry. They think I'm the enemy of their religion, their moral values. These people offend me, and it is natural. But why serdytes you? Why do you let these people manipulate you? You are dependent on them. Perhaps you are not free?

Residents of the village did not expect such a reaction. They were distracted and become silent. In the silence that priming of the people, appealed to farmers Teacher:

- Do everything you said? If not, you still have the chance vyskazaty me what think when we povertatymemos.

People from out of town were confused, they asked:

- But we are cursing at you, why did you not serdyshsya for us?

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