50 ways to resolve the case faster, better and easier

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Toolbox All we want to cope with their problems, whether they relate to cases that we have to do to be able to deal with things that we love to do, or also with those who just suholosni purpose of our lives. To help you, I gathered 50 ideas, tips, Tricks and tips to help you work better.

  1. The most important task: at the beginning of the day (or evening prior) splanuyte three or four most important things you should do each day. Make them first. Even if you do not do anything different, your day will still be productive.
  2. Chunk: big projects, which you are working with. Daily or weekly highlight time on promoting large-scale problems.
  3. Empty «Incoming»: Decide what to do with the letters just read them. If something should do, do it there or enter the list of tasks and close the letter. If the message is important for information, save it. Sporozhnyayte «Incoming» daily.
  4. Wake up early to: increase the length of day, thanks to early rising - work when no one and not think encroach on your time.
  5. Came - went: avoid obstruction using habit «replacement». Just bought something new, throw out old or yield. For example, buying a shirt, get rid of old. Variation: one came - two are gone. Is useful when the number of extra things prevent you live.
  6. Brainstorm: The process of spontaneous generation of ideas without the right to change or their rejection. Many people use for this special «map consciousness»: a trailer on the middle of a large sheet of paper the problem of character you want to decide to start writing about everything that comes to mind you. Developed each of the ideas produmuyuchy details. Not zamyslyuytes whether it good or bad - you do not have to implement each of them, just vyvilnit them from consciousness. For a while you begin to really surprise your special fabrication.
  7. Widespread notuvannya: always keep a few papers and a pen, amiss as electronic notebook, PDA or mobile. Keep each opinion is not worth forgetting. Let it be a business idea you want to make the thought of the meeting, which should appoint, or reminder of something that should buy the next visit the supermarket. Periodically review your records and transfer them to the appropriate place: the list of cases, the blog etc..
  8. Vysypaytesya: the dream - the good health, quality of teaching and pure consciousness. Sleep at least eight hours (or use the system Steve Pavliny). Realize the dream as a pleasure, as something that you do with love for yourself, not think about it as everyday as a necessity or a luxury.
  9. 10 +2 * 5 External link : Ten short-term work, making between them dvohvylynni break. Use a timer. Five such sessions per hour will help you stay focused and do not perevantazhuvatys. Take the two minutes watching the surrounding landscape, light nosh or a short meditation. Vacation satisfaction.
  10. KVaDRuS reasonable goals (SMART goals) External link : Decrease designation rules laying purposes. Rules designed to protect production from unattainable goals. The reduction in translation from English means: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time.

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