As an early bird

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The girl, who wakes, potyahuyuchys

Good zasvity sun rise, because this habit contributes to gaining health, wealth and wisdom.
- Aristotle

Zhayvoramy born or become? As for me, I just became zhayvorom. I rarely if vicennial Fuzz before midnight and almost always vidsypavsya ad libitum feeding the next day. Usually I start my business somewhere poobidi. But even in those days I could not help noting the close connection between success in my life and early rising. In those occasional days when I prokydavsya morning, I noticed that my performance is not always higher normal, and not only in the morning, but during the day. In addition, I noted an incredible sense of harmony, which was all day. So, as a practical man, I, I set a goal down early. I quickly transferred to a fifth alarm for the morning ... and the next day it was for me somewhere in the area dinner.

Hmmm ...

I tried again and again, but success is not his place. It seemed as if I gave birth without henu early rising. If not dzveni alarm, my first desire was to stop him and contrary to dzelenchannya sleep itself more. After I left their attempts, and several years before the theme is not returned. But later, thinking on his experience, knew that approached the problem from the wrong side. I just changed his tactics, suddenly turned into a real zhayvora.

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