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Сміття One of the sources that performs calm my soul - clean and simple villages. When prokydayuchys morning, I go to simply equipped, clean, no sorynky, removed the living room, my heart filled with joy and peace. When before my eyes appears harmyder with scattered to all corners of toys, books and other junk riznosortnoho, thoughts in my head plutayutsya, and the soul becomes wistfully. In the latest chapter of my work productively and with pleasure, it is easy to see life from a positive perspective and good humor to build for the future. Let these plans relate to today, and whether future.
Nine ways to simplify the search experience and to optimize life natrenuvav in a good cleaner and now a mess to me on the shoulder. Now I know that if from time to time to give clean little attention nezaharaschene life quite possible. I want to offer you some advice, they are all effective and battle tested, but most everyone can choose for themselves.

  • Remove a little. Highlight 15 minutes to clean one shelf, and just cleaning it or 15 minutes to reach the end, celebrate the victory. Pryymaytesya another only the next day. Battle of the entire bathroom with toilet zasylno can drain, and the next you're not yet ready soon. If this has happened, you'd better move a little, small steps.
  • Otaboritsya for several hours and more. Maybe border that advice contradicts the previous ... and this is true. This is just another approach, I suggest you choose a suitable. Sometimes it is easier to give me clean all the bedrooms a few morning hours, or a Saturday morning. I do it in one sitting, and when finished - the room look fantastic.
  • Vyhrebit entire contents of a shelf or drawer at once. Of course, should not be enthusiastic, to invest in this movement too much expression. Whatever previous advice you came skontsentruytes only one drawer or shelf, and completely eliminate it, wipe clean. Then return to the discharged and start sorting things (see the following tips).
  • Walk in all the things one by one, quickly zvazhuyuchy potribnist each. Put next raffle and a box for things that are ready to give to friends. Take it and decide its destiny: to throw, give away or leave. Do not wait back to stockpiling, peresherstit it all - and you coped. If the sort, postponing the decision, the process takes forever. Turn on only that really deserves to return. Lay all bad.
  • Be merciless. Life can teach you to be thrifty as gopher, but believe me, skorshe all, you never use the majority of accumulated good. If you are not used during the anniversary last year, get rid of it. So simple. If the year you received it once or two, and you know that already do not return to it - get rid of. Discard if can not take it as a secondary, or give, if someone is likely to be useful.
  • Paper? Be merciless, except that they are important. Magazines, catalogs, advertising, accounts for more than three years ago, notes, old prints ... in the garbage! The only exception may be important bills, existing safeguards, personal documents, etc.. If not - in the garbage!
  • If you still have doubts about some things, put them into boxes «Resolve later». When it is difficult to throw away things that with time may be needed, hide them in the box, tape and zakleyte sign. Take it away somewhere in the garage or komirchyny, and forget for half-year. Likely, you already did not seek. Once the term splyve, Get things and decide: abort or give.
  • Take the battle appreciation. Kydayuchys in cleaning as the enemy, you risk it znenavydity. Remember your goal: to clean house, which helps you to live in harmony with the world. Feel every movement you closer to the comfort. Love what we do.
  • Create a prevent obstruction. All these mumps appear not so easy. Lack of clean habits to themselves all sorts of trinkets and throwing out unnecessary over time leads to disorder. It is possible to write a separate article, but think about it once during cleaning. If you can see the main source of obstruction, you may be lucky and neutralize them - in this area where there are always growing.
  • Celebrates when completed This advice applies not only cleaning but also life in general: once you have achieved something, which is indifferent to value this achievement - Celebrates! Even if you cleaned a little shuhlyadku, you nut. Reward yourself something nice: potyahnitsya make a masazhyk head polasuyte something, one word - feel that life is beautiful! Open shuhlyadku and vsmihnitsya seen. Deep breath and realize that just did a good job. Enjoy peace of mind.

By article and with the permission Leo Babauty (site) .

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