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Чек з банкомату Years I was tranzhyrom. I spent more than earned. I used credit card, living life, not for the wealthy. But over time, and I pomudrishav: I threw credit cards and closed the relevant bank accounts, but his land is not put alert. Although I have not hruznuv in debt, and still sitting at the bottom of the pit: I have lived from wages to pay. Once a month I spent earnings: pay bills for housing and services, and then watched as lyshalosya. And I lyshalos 20 or 200 dollars, I knew that they spent: comics, video games, clothing or any other hozhi way ... I joked that I am on the right to call a specialist from spending money to the last penny. Is that a joke it was not. Late night sovayuchys in bed, I asked myself: why I can not break this circle?
So I spent five years out - you can live a long time from wages to pay, if not make new debts (or if it suddenly comes an evil). Overall, it can look like this:

  • If you spend more than earn, you get in debt.
  • If you spend all that make you live from salary to salary.
  • If you spend less than make you rich.

I do not know you, but my goal - the last paragraph. Escape from the life of the wage to pay, means to create a profitable cash flow, reducing their costs: instead, to spend all that you earn, you should save a little each month. Even 25 or 50 dollars vazhytymut. And once you start, the amount to increase as a snow ball. My 25 dollars monthly savings into a 100 and then 300 and that more!
But how to save? How to escape from the trap of zero balances?

Here are some tips that worked for me, some of them might work for you.

  • Open a savings account. Opyravsya years I have this idea. «Why? - I asked myself - I have nothing to save me quite satisfied with my current account, where they have a deposit! ». But three years ago I finally began saving strange things began to happen. I started vidnahodyty money that could put on it. At first they were not so many: that $ 20, then 75 ... But in time they made a tidy sum. Soon I developed a habit of saving.
  • Pay yourself first. The best way to save - save money with a profit before they do anything else. I know it can be difficult. You worry that you will not be to pay bills, petrol, food. But the danger is that if you do not save money immediately, you just spustyte them. Set a fixed amount (25, 50 dollars), which is automatically removed from your current account to savings. If the bank does not carry out such operations automatically, do it yourself. There is a likelihood that you will not even notice the lack of money.
  • Spend planned. Maybe you should make a budget. Budget - is not scared and not difficult. Some believe that they make people free. There are a number of computer programs that help maintain budgets, their selection can be found eg here . The budget can become a convenient tool, and even if you are not accustomed to use them, you have to know what will your money.
  • Outlining the plan costs. I do not have a budget, but make the plan cost schokilka months. This ingenuous sheet, which reflected my basic income and expenses. It also shows I am serious, and future costs. It helps me not forget the important plans for everyday life - I better abandon the purchase of another comics, when I remember that shortly going to travel Europe.
  • Boritsya debts. All this good advice, and if you really want to free up cash, but submerged, you should pay them. I say sort your list of debts for their size, and throw all the power for the payment and the least of them - so you get rid of their psychological sense nezdolannosti. Though it is not very convenient method, and if you want to pay the debts yaknayvyhidnishe for themselves and not afraid to delete the source (because this may seem a long way), you should concentrate on the urgent payment of the loan with the highest interest rates. There is a third way to release pressure from debt: pay the smallest debt, and released the funds that would go to his pay, let the savings.
  • Reduce costs. It is obvious, but it can become difficult. My girlfriend Dzhylian considers reducing the cost discrimination itself But if you're looking to the future, through a temporary sacrifice, you'll see that reducing costs - a wonderful and quick way to free up cash. There are many costs that can save every day.
  • . Increase revenue. Many people guess as to reduce costs, but not all at the same time remember the simple formula enrichment ( «= gained riches - go»). Earn more money, time, much easier than saving on costs. But where to find additional money? Pidshukayte pidrobitok for several months. Conduct audit and try to sell unnecessary things. Ask your boss about improving. Think how to make your hobby. Finally, pereotsinit yourself! You used to earn 8000 dollars a year and can not dovzolyty a larger earnings? Apply the law and attract pomedytuyte on «The money coming into my life. Thank vsesvite that my income increases ».
  • Avoid costly pursuit of life. Surest way to get rid of pain the life of salaries to wages - reject the temptations «rozkishnishoho» life. When your income increases, do not rush headlong to raise living standards. Send some money to pay debts, and another - for savings. And if your friends vyhvalyatymutsya new ayfonom , Pozahoplyuytes but protystiyte desire to have such an immediate and himself. Learn to love what you have.
  • Dry measure. Zopalu enthusiastic idea of savings, do not throw it all possible force, start saving gradually. Nazahal enough to save and increase about 10% of income to later get financial independence. When zaoschadzhuvannya become common for you, you can increase this percentage.

When I began to think seriously about your financial situation, I realized that life from wage to wage dangerous. I am all the time was a step towards disaster, which led to the debt dungeon. I decided not to balance on edge Shaver and started saving. Initially it was not easy. Old habits away drop by drop. But time and persistence, but also above habits, did their job. My life changed. Now, several years ago, I benefited from the hard work. I have more money and no longer live from salary to salary.

By sex and with the permission of J. D. Rus.

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