Generation of ideas: a method of toy kachenyaty

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Toy duck To brainstorm, you do not necessarily need a group of people. Contact kachenyaty toy.

Useful thing, that I, the new prohramistka, learned one of the first was a method known as the «check bear». On it I read the book «Practical Programming» But is it that's the: help a university specifically held toy bear, and before students received the opportunity to ask about something the employee center had aloud clearly formulate your question this toy. Delhi at a time when students finally able to formulate your question, every second he has seen and answer. This method is also called the «method of toy kachenyaty», because in fact it does not matter what exactly you're talking.

Important omovyty problem. Often enough to explain it to someone aloud to organize their thoughts, identify incorrect zasnovky and look at everything with fresh eyes.

Comment one of the readers of my blog led me to reflect on it. This reader noted that the time to solve the problem, just to hear unbiased opinion about someone else who looks at nezamylenym her eye (the same claims and folk wisdom, saying that «a good head, and two -- more »). But in reality often you do not need a live person with flesh and blood, because no company could be worse and its cardboard counterpart. So you can choose the character with whom you consult on your taste. Index - communication.

Communication activates those parts of the brain that remain idle, when you discuss alone. In addition, when you try to explain something to someone, it encourages you to look at a different problem, analyze it in such a perspective, which would never have watched it if you do not need to verbify her. We teach students that there is no better way to learn a new subject for you than someone trying to explain itself. Such training even more effective exercises. In our forums a Java-programming, we encourage users to participate in discussions and answer questions even when they are at risk to give the wrong answer, because it makes them no less useful than those who need advice.

Finally, let drop you another idea: a method kachenyaty toy works on household animals. If you can vsadyty them next to each other, you zdyvuyetes how clever they may be. My sheep Alberta (now deceased) vyvchylasya on the first programmer, and was especially valuable partner in brainstorm. for Quetta Sierra (site).

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