Working week challenge. Part I

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Чотириденний робочий тиждень

The more you work, the more able, is not it?
Um-m, I want to inspire you to take «quartan challenge».


If you are an ordinary person, you always have a lot of work and not enough time to do it. E-mail to all full time, and list-need-to-do never ends. You always live with prytlumlenym feeling guilty for not giving enough time that it needs. And that upset even worse - the more you work, the more it seems to do. ET!

So how we overcome this madness?


We recently discussed with his wife, our schedule and the quality of our lives. We were terribly busy, and both felt rather depleted. Among controlled Carson Workshops, building Web applications, such DropSend, organization BD4D, update the Bare Naked App and support Vitamin time to make everything else do not leave.

Dzhylian (my wife) said: «Why do not we try to work four days a week and see what will? So we left more time to rest ». I thought that this crazy idea. How would I know we can all this time? We have too much work and five days, what to say about four?

Until then I Enlighted: we always have nezroblenu work. I just work more, we do not change. Indeed, work more - it is even counterproductive. I started my day at 5:30 am and worked until 22:00 and still not do everything vstyhav scheduled. If you work these additional hours not delivered me from the endless plans, it is clear that simply work more - not out.

Then I realized that it is not time, and my personal perception. I know that I have ahead of a week to revise the work, so I rozpodilyav it to five (or all seven) days. If I knew that I have only four days to perform weekly tasks, it would prompted me to work more effectively.

So my challenge: to work fewer hours.

How does it make

So, work less - sounds tempting, but it may make in real life? This will depend on two key factors:

  1. You work for hire or themselves?
  2. Do you sell products or services?

If you're a

When you master your time, you completely control your schedule. You decide which days and how long to work. We work with Jill on Monday to Thursday from ninth to sixth morning evening. No value, when you work, the main thing - that your week has become reduced.

If you're on someone else

When you're on regular paper from ninth-to-sixth, you probably think: «Good for you, Ryan, you can plan your week. And my boss dismissed me, I just zatnus on working week! ». And certainly, you're right.

However, you can accept this challenge in a different way. Rather than start the morning and finish it at midnight, tell yourself that you have exactly eight hours to perform all the tasks for the day. Select the checkbox imaginary late-day and remember that turn off your computer and gather their belongings exactly at six.

When you say to yourself that you have limited time to perform a large number of tasks, is that it helps you focus on work and work quickly.

Goods and services

Work four days a week, much harder, if your company provides. For example, the design studio have to work really well to invest in the four-day week, at least, simply because the customers rely on your presence in the office for all five days.

If this is you, then you want to ask: «You live for that work, or work in order to live?». I think that should choose the latter. Yes, you lose some customers who used to always have your fingertips, at a distance of one call, but if you look at it more, or so it weighs?

A possible solution to this problem may gradually transition to a new four-day system. For example, introduce a four-day work practices, reducing to start a week a month. Gradually shorten two, then three weeks a month. Eventually, you get to four, and during this time, hopefully, customers accustomed to your new.

Article Ryan Carson (site) at A List Apart Magazine

Translated with the permission of A List Apart Magazine and the author [s].

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