How to stop living from wage to salary

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Чек з банкомату Years I was tranzhyrom. I spent more than earned. I used credit card, living life, not for the wealthy. But over time, and I pomudrishav: I threw credit cards and closed the relevant bank accounts, but his land is not put alert. Although I have not hruznuv in debt, and still sitting at the bottom of the pit: I have lived from wages to pay. Once a month I spent earnings: pay bills for housing and services, and then watched as lyshalosya. And I lyshalos 20 or 200 dollars, I knew that they spent: comics, video games, clothing or any other hozhi way ... I joked that I am on the right to call a specialist from spending money to the last penny. Is that a joke it was not. Late night sovayuchys in bed, I asked myself: why I can not break this circle?
So I spent five years out - you can live a long time from wages to pay, if not make new debts (or if it suddenly comes an evil). Overall, it can look like this:

  • If you spend more than earn, you get in debt.
  • If you spend all that make you live from salary to salary.
  • If you spend less than earn you bogateev.

I do not know you, but my goal - the last paragraph. Escape from the life of the wage to pay, means to create a profitable cash flow, reducing their costs: instead, to spend all that you earn, you should save a little each month. Even 25 or 50 dollars vazhytymut. And once you start, the amount to increase as a snow ball. My 25 dollars monthly savings into a 100 and then 300 and that more!
But how to save? How to escape from the trap of zero balances?

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Generating ideas: toy kachenyaty method

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Toy duck To brainstorm, you do not necessarily need a group of people. Contact kachenyaty toy.

Useful thing, that I, the new prohramistka, learned one of the first was a method known as the «check bear». On it I read the book «Practical Programming» But is it that's the: help a university specifically held toy bear, and before students received the opportunity to ask about something the employee center had aloud clearly formulate your question this toy. Delhi at a time when students finally able to formulate your question, every second he has seen and answer. This method is also called «kachenyaty of toy», because in fact it does not matter what exactly you're talking.

Important omovyty problem. Often enough to explain it to someone aloud to organize their thoughts, identify incorrect zasnovky and look at everything with fresh eyes.

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