Working week challenge. Part II

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How it went with us?

The proof is well organized party - is satisfied guests, is not it? I now easily say that Carson Systems is working four days a week, but what actually happens to us every week?

This is harder than we hadaly

First, we found for you is that work on Fridays - awfully tempted. We love his work, moreover, we always have a heap of problems that need solving. Do not have extra day to give advice to all the outstanding tasks - at first it is rather nervy experience.

The first two weeks we just dopratsovuvaly on Friday, and sometimes on Sunday. Um-m ... obviously, we should have to seriously consider the introduction of this four-day schedule.

Third week and all subsequent - and I am happy to say it - we honestly spent exactly four days. Ploy was to change our perception of internal working week.

Thursday - Friday new

The time passed and we started to Thursday, as previously seen Friday. Thursday turned into a very troubled time, because we had to complete all planned but not yet completed work.

We browsed the list of plans and realized that ahead of us are still many nezroblenoho. Ouch! So on Thursday we lyhomanyt time. But on Friday we would have the same fever, why not deal with it on the day before?

Sometimes it is simply impossible to do everything

Later, when it's been three months since we introduced the four-day working week, we realized that always have time to do the same amount of work is simply impossible. Podyvimos truth in the eyes: the number of hours in one day - a limited value, and fewer working days, you are unlikely to do more.

But if kopnuty deeper, or indeed so important? Is someone lying on the deathbed, pobyvatymetsya: «ET, it was necessary for life to make more work!» I wonder ...

So what was the result?

Once we pryzvychayilys to work four days a week, we saw that the advantages of such a regime are impressive. It seemed as if someone added a week to another week! On Fridays we vidsypalys, the ninth-tenth morning a boiled coffee, and then rested on the porch or in the city went to the cafe. This is really cool.

We have more time to rest. More time to think. More time to enjoy life. This is amazing!

Practical advice

If you want to accept this challenge, you understand that you need to work particularly effectively. Here are some tips to help you with this:

1. Do not use instant messaging service - is that you constantly vidvolikatyme.
2. Check email only twice a day - the most certain way zhayaty time it cleave to the button «Send and receive».
3. Focus on the most important - first take care of the most important. Not hayte time malovazhlyvi task (to a large extent, simply vykreslit such problems from the target, they still do not!).
4. Ask to leave you alone - if for any task you need some vidtynok time politely warning his colleagues that the next few hours you better not apply.
5. Limit time reading blogs - set limits on time, you pays your blog. If you can not read all the new entries, please click on «Mark all as read» and continue work.
6. Make lists - every day a list of work a day (preferably on paper, if you can detach from the monitor). Set tasks that require a lot of time in the first place and be realistic. Choose three items that should be given more attention, "and those that do not require much time. Ensure that completed all planned before going home at night.
7. Reduce the number of meetings - if possible, restrict the number of meetings that are initiating or participating in them. Meetings tend to linger, absorbing a working day. Instead, Focus on one or two meetings a week, carefully planning them in advance and peresvidchyvshys that they will discuss all the pressing issues.

Why is it important?

So why is it important to work less? After that much noise?

The matter is that when you work less, you still more time to enjoy life as it is, enjoy it, and contemplate and meditate. You can use the extra time not only to communicate with loved ones and beloved people in the hobby, in case suholosni your life convictions, but search for new ideas. Some of our best ideas come to us from Dzhylian on weekends when we katalys car, poralys in the garden, read, or painted.

But what if it is your job is your source of satisfaction? What then is wrong to work long and hard? First I say that this is exactly my case. I love hopelessly practicing all that connected with Carson Systems. It brings me joy, challenge, morally and financially rewarded. I often notice that I work hard, less because I love my job.

Nevertheless, the answer is: when I zistaryus, I do not shkoduvatymu that are not spent more time creating Web applications or organizing activities. Time spent with my dear people, or help people who needed it - that's what zihrivatyme my heart. Working less, you save time for such cases to the same job that allows you to updated your brain cells, so you return to work, with fresh ideas and views. Change - that's what counts.

Calling system

What this article really says is to inspire you to challenge the restrictions imposed by society. Is somewhere in the world is a block with minted there commandment: «Open 40 hours a week»?

Many bans and obstacles, we limit ourselves, is totally unnecessary, ba more they prevent us to be happy. I hope that by accepting a challenge working week, you get more pleasure from life and understand what really is important to you.

Ryan Carson (site) at A List Apart Magazine

Translated with the permission of A List Apart Magazine and the author [s].

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